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Start: Feb 21, 2021 - End: Apr 30, 2021

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Change for Youth Camp

Dear Friends and Family,
Many of you know I’m passionate about God’s impact in my life. Camp Cobeac offers our churches youth group a safe place to meet new friends, have fun and grow in their faith.

 “Change for Youth Camp” is a fun opportunity for me to make a big impact-with just a little change. But I need your help! Would you join me in collecting, pennies, nickels, quarters and dimes for our Youth Group to attend Camp Cobeac?

Shop One Mission Today- 40% of every purchase is donated, bringing us closer to our goal.

I’m so excited to watch a little change make a big impact in the lives of our Youth!

There are 3 easy ways YOU can support this Fund:
1. You can purchase any of One Mission’s great products and 40% of what you spend will be donated.
2. You can donate cash (One Mission doesn’t charge a platform fee).
3. You can share this Fund with your friends and family.

Please consider doing all three of these things!

Fund Leader: Cynthia Rivera
Fund Type: Churches & Youth Groups

Purchase with Purpose

40% of every product purchased is donated

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No platform fees! Credit card processing fees of 2.9% +$0.30 per transaction are passed along to the fund.

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