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Comfort Farms Documentary

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Start: Mar 13, 2018 - End: Jun 9, 2018

Comfort Farms Documentary

Jon Jackson, a veteran Army Ranger, is responsible for one of the more unique veteran run therapy nonprofits in the country. He’s tired of people (often well meaning) suggesting that veterans are pitiful when in truth many of them just want a chance to serve again. Farming is another kind of service, according to Jon. But this time around, rather than fighting a human enemy, the fight is against mother nature, the elements, and all the various challenges that come with farming.  It’s that central metaphor or analogy—exchanging one battle for another as a means for growth and healing—that inspired this documentary.

Carlisle Kellam, a filmmaker known for his intense visual style, will direct and shoot a short dramatic documentary film about Comfort Farms, focusing on the story of Jon Jackson and his struggles as a combat veteran seeking healing, and as a visionary. Rather than being just an information piece, the plan is to create an exciting, suspenseful dramatic documentary that really puts the audience in the shoes of it’s subject. It will explore Jon’s own struggles and journey to make Comfort Farms a reality as a healing and therapeutic place for veterans to recover from PTSD and brain injury through Agro Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Interviews with Jon, some of the veterans, people in the community, as well as possibly some of the therapists and some of the volunteers, will show how far Jon and Comfort Farms have come in just over 2 years of existence. Also explored will be the idea of the farm as a non-profit seeking to be partially or perhaps solely self-sustaining one day, through sales of organic produce and meats to the community and to restaurant customers. The film will be shown at film festivals and possibly distributed for broadcast.

Note: All money donated to this campaign will go for the production and distribution of the film, not to Comfort Farms directly. However, since the purpose of the film is to make more people aware of Comfort Farms, ultimately all dollars will benefit Comfort Farms.

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Movie Trailer is Available!

With great excitement I can confirm that the trailer to the Comfort Farms documentary is available to watch! It’s a powerful piece of film! Watch Trailer Here

Carlisle Kellam is a masterful storyteller and he uses a variety of images from the recent Boucherie to spotlight the comraderie and shared purpose of the vets at Comfort Farms.

One view of the trailer and I was in tears, in awe of the power of the moving image to tell the story of the power of Comfort Farms to heal.

Comfort Farms Documentary Discussion:

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