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Cooper Family Adoption

$4,766.00 Raised!

Start: Feb 3, 2019 - End: Apr 20, 2019

Cooper Family Adoption

We’re the Cooper family. This Winter we hosted a teenage girl from Eastern Europe for a month through an orphan hosting program. “A” is 15 and has lived, without family, in an orphanage since she was two.

We went ice skating, roller-blading, and biking, we cooked, played games, went to church, and celebrated Christmas. We took “A” to a movie theater, for the first time in her life, to see Mary Poppins 2. One of our best memories was reuniting her with her dear friend, Julianna, who was adopted two years ago, by a family that lives only 10 minutes away. A miracle, considering when we agreed to host “A”, we did not know Julianna or her family. We didn’t even know of any families who had adopted children from the same country in recent years near us, much less a teenager, from the same orphanage. It was a joy for us to bring them together and an even bigger joy for the girls.

Toward the end of her visit, we prayerfully considered making “A” permanent part of our family. We discussed it with her, acknowledging the enormity of the decision, and told her she could take time to think it through. She immediately said: “I already know my answer, YES!” Now, we enter an urgent new phase. “A” will be turning 16 this spring, the age when she will “graduate” and age-out of the orphanage system.

Her chance of “graduating” and moving on to pursue a good education, find a job, or achieve any success, is slim to none. An orphan, raised in an institution, severely lacking “life” skills, is ill-equipped to survive, much less thrive. With no one to support, love, and provide for them, or even just watch after them, they are among the most vulnerable targets in the world for human traffickers and other criminals. Statistically, 10-15% commit suicide within two years and the majority of girls are trafficked for prostitution or pornography. Around 70 percent of boys wind up in jail, after resorting to crime, as the only means to survive. Homelessness and teen pregnancy are common, and the orphan cycle continues.

We are working diligently on this adoption, with a portion already completed, but the costs are mounting. Total expenses, as estimated by our adoption agency are around $34,600. This total includes airfare for up to three trips to the country, immigration paperwork ($945), a home study ($3,000), adoption agency and facilitation team fees ($12-15k), and in-country living expenses ($3500). Lesser fees add up quickly and include fingerprinting, background checks, Notary, Apostille, and other document prep fees, postage, medical exams, ground transportation, passports, visas, fund-raising, etc. This is on top of thousands we’ve already spent on hosting and orphan care, and does not include the typical financial challenges of adding a child to a family, particularly one with many needs that are still unknown. WE NEED HELP!

Please consider partnering with us to bring “A” home forever, where she will have a warm bed to sleep in, healthy food to nourish her, access to much needed health care, and an opportunity to thrive and succeed in life. One where she will be and feel safe. One where she is cared for and will experience the love of God and family. If you are unable to give financially, we ask that you would pray for her and us while she is waiting and we continue on this journey to bring her home forever.

Raising $10,000 now will enable us to cover costs incurred prior to receiving our invitation to travel. “A’s” 16th birthday is this Spring and we’d like to be able to tell her that we’ve reached a milestone and have confidence that we are coming! If you are unable to give financially, we ask that you would pray for her safety while she is waiting and for us as we continue on this journey to bring her home forever. Thank you and God bless!

Scott and Sara Cooper

Fund Leader: Scott Cooper
Fund Type: Adoptive Parents

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