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Cru Gap Year - Emily Duster


Start: May 11, 2020 - End: Jun 11, 2020

Hello! My name is Emily Duster and I am a follower of Jesus, a recent graduate, a friend, daughter, sister, and community member. Keep reading for more about what I am funding for and how I got here!

This spring I was supposed to be going on a mission trip to S Asia. I was fully funded, had my bags packed, and was anxious to go. But every day met our team with more disappointing news that more and more places were banning travel and closing their borders due to COVID-19. We were still hopeful and praying that we would somehow still be able to go, but the call was finally made just days before we were supposed to leave. Our hearts were broken, but we were not hopeless. We did, and still do, trust that God is in control and it was not our time to go. He is still good and always faithful! In the midst of all of this disappointment and confusion, my teammate shared with me an opportunity to serve with a Cru Gap Year mission in Guayaquil, Ecuador in the fall. I wrote it off as impossible or unrealistic at first; but as I continued to look into it, the pieces sort of just fell into place! So here I am, raising support to go overseas and anxiously awaiting meeting my team that I will be living with for 7 months while we love and serve our community in Ecuador! I have seen how sometimes God doesn’t answer our prayers in ways we expect. Sometimes He says “yes”, sometimes “no”, and often times “wait, I have something better”.

In short: I am fundraising about $16,000 total to join a team going to Guayaquil, Ecuador in the fall to share our faith, encourage and serve the community, and gain valuable cultural experience! In the wake of all this tragedy, I believe the people of Guayaquil need the hope of Jesus and teams to help serve now more than ever.

I would love to partner with you in this journey to bring the kingdom of God to every corner of the earth and get to know you and your story as well!

Fund Leader: Emily Duster
Fund Type: Non-profit Organizations, Mission Groups & Missionaries

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