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Elizabeth's Mission Trip

$394.00 Raised!

Start: Jul 23, 2018 - End: Oct 15, 2018

Elizabeth's Mission Trip

In January 2019 I will make my third trip to Harrisburg Liberia, as part of a team from East Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church. The project is called Farmer to Farmer whose goal is to partner local farmers with expertise from the United States. The project was started in 2013 and other projects started in Harrisburg include a sewing school and preschool. All these things are accomplished by partnering with St. Johns UMC in Harrisburg. Our goal for 2019 is to build a Ag Tech High School in the village. Currently the government school goes only to 8th grade. After that students must walk up to 2 hours one way to high school or live with a friend or relative in the city.

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