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eSwatini Africa Missions Trip

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Start: Jan 22, 2020 - End: Feb 15, 2020

Imagine losing both your parents as a toddler and moving in with a relative who is already raising 8 of your cousins after their parents have died or abandoned them.  You have no food, no electricity or running water and there seems to be no hope of things ever getting better when in your country, the size of New Jersey there are 200,000 orphans.  Sadly, this is the life of many, many children in eSwatini, Africa.

No other African nation is as affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic as Eswatini. Tens of thousands of children lose their parents to the disease and grow up without parental protection. The life of most Swazis is marked by high levels of poverty and joblessness.

This tiny African Kingdom suffers the highest HIV prevalence rate in the world. Right now, 25% of people ages 15 – 49 are living with this deadly disease.

More than 190,000 Swazi men, women, and children are HIV positive, and Swaziland’s life expectancy of 49 years is one of the lowest in the world. In a country with a population of 1.1 million, there are approximately 200,000 orphans.

Disease, poverty, and government instability are to blame for the orphan pandemic in eSwatini. Because there are very few orphanages in this country, these children are left to fend for themselves. Many suffer from malnutrition, starvation, and are targets for sexual abuse.

Eswatini is a landlocked country situated in Southern Africa. The majority of the country’s population live in rural or semi-rural settings and follow traditional ways of life.

It is one of the poorest countries in the world. Over 40 percent of its population live on less than US$ 1,25  per day. Because of unfavourable climate conditions and low agricultural productivity, extreme poverty predominantly affects the country’s rural population. While the standard of living continues to decline, unemployment is going up. Tens of thousands lack access to potable water, decent housing and sanitation facilities. Food shortages are widespread, particularly in rural areas, and a large number of school-aged children do not receive an education.

Our team sees this need and wants to bring hope to this country and these children.  We are partnering with 3 organizations on this missions trip to bring hope to eSwatini.

We will be working with Children’s Cup and their Care Points and children’s homes (I Am Not Forgotten Homes.)  We will be helping provide food to families, education materials and sharing the love of Jesus with these precious children.

We will also be partnering with Days for Girls International, an organization that is changing the status quo through quality menstrual care solutions, health education, and income-generating opportunities
that give back days of opportunity and health to women young and old.

We will be working alongside and serving the pastors of Liberty Church Manzini as they work tirelessly to make a difference in this country and share God’s love in practical ways.

We have a team of 7 headed to eSwatini July 29-Aug. 9, 2020. Please consider helping us reach some of our goal to make it possible to take on this mission that we feel so strongly called to.

Thank you!!!

Fund Leader: Alissa Martinson
Fund Type: Mission Groups & Missionaries

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