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Fifth Ward Saints North

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Start: Oct 10, 2018 - End: Dec 31, 2018

The Fifth Ward Saints was launched in Houston, Texas in 2008 by Iowa City West High graduate Carlos Honore and his wife, Tatum. The husband and wife duo combined Carlos’ background as a college football player, Tatum’s social work experience, and their mutual passion for disadvantaged youth in the Fifth Ward of Houston, to form an organization that seeks to prevent harm to children.

The Fifth Ward Saints strives to positively influence the lives of at-risk youth ages 5-12 using a combination of athletics, arts programs, and social service resources. It’s a unique, holistic approach in which a social-emotional curriculum addresses character development in the participants as well as family dynamic issues. Personal relationships with the children and families are a key component to meeting the needs of the entire family, while ensuring success for each child.

In May 2017, Carlos was honored as the Iowa City West High Distinguished Alumnus for his work with the Fifth Ward Saints. During his trip to Iowa City to receive this award, he noticed the shift in demographics since his graduation in 1997. Carlos recognized the impact a northern Fifth Ward Saints chapter could have on Iowa City. It wasn’t long before he and his wife, Tatum, made the commitment to start a branch of the organization in his hometown.

We are working to bring this powerful organization to Iowa City. Our goal is to launch the program at the start of the 2018-2019 school year. Fifth Ward Saints North is recruiting volunteer coaches and mentors, as well as financial and community supporters.

The Fifth Ward Saints transforms the lives of children through athletic, academic, artistic and social service programs. To the youth in its programs, the Fifth Ward Saints offers a chance to participate in organized activities. In reality, the Fifth Ward Saints offers far more than that—it provides a way to connect at-risk children to ongoing case management, as well as nutrition and educational services.  We provide an opportunity to build resiliency in times of adversity.

We are a Social-Emotional Athletic Development Program that uses sports to build relationships and engage  players and their families with community resources. These trusting relationships and environment allow players and their families to express ongoing issues that may be negatively impacting the family system, or performance at school.

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