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Foster and Collins Go To College! (3rd Year)


Start: Jul 14, 2017 - End: Aug 17, 2017

In 2005 (12 years ago!) I followed a small voice within me that was encouraging me to go abroad, and I suddenly found myself in the small village of Kwahu Tafo in Ghana. There I spent a month and a half with 9-11 year olds, practicing poetry, math, and all sorts of other things to keep their minds occupied over the summer break months.

During my time there, I grew particularly close to two boys, who became like little brothers to me: Collins, and Foster. Foster had recently broken his arm and was sitting on the sidelines of the daily soccer matches the boys got into, (so we got to hang out more!) and Collins would walk me to school most days and show me around the town.

Since 2005, we’ve stayed in touch. They’ve saved their money to call me regularly, text me, and share in our general highs/lows for years. For the past 2 years, we’ve raised enough money to send them to school, and YOU have been a huge part of that. We’re halfway there, folks!

Collins is getting his Bachelor’s in Business Management, and Foster is getting his Bachelor’s in Financial Accounting. Both are about to enter their 3rd year of school, and have received A’s and B’s in all of their classes this past year.

You all, in the past, have made a HUGE difference in the lives of these two young men in Ghana. Please help me in continuing to change their lives, (and by doing so, aiding their communities, their families, and providing a much more secure future) to these two incredibly kind, loving, faithful young men. Your money will be going directly to their school fees, about $650USD each.


Yaadwoa (my Ghanaian Nickname!)


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