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Friends of SJF

$581.80 Raised!

Start: Oct 14, 2020 - End: Jun 21, 2021

Friends of SJF

Friends of SJF was started in 2015, with the goal of reaching friends, supporters and donors who want to make a difference in Haiti. Our non-profit organization is based in Iowa. Our board members either travel to Haiti or live in Haiti, and each of us has been philanthropically active in Haiti for years. We are united in our belief that with a little love and caring plus fearless leadership, we can have an impact that may last for generations. We work closely with the St. Joseph Family and other Caribbean based non-profit service organizations, to help provide resources, projects, services and medical care. Our board members are committed to making the best use of donor funds, by focusing on low-cost & high-impact sustainability.

Our main mission partner is the St. Joseph Family in Haiti. They have had a profound positive impact on disadvantaged communities in Haiti since 1985. The main missions of the St. Joseph Family currently are Wings of Hope, Lekòl Sen Trinite, and the SJ Community Outreach Center. Wings of Hope is a home and programs for children and adults with physical and mental challenges. Lekòl Sen Trinite is a tuition-free school for the poorest students in the community of Jacmel. The SJ Community Outreach Center offers beautiful and safe spaces for members of the community to gather for education, fellowship and recreation.

Fund Leader: Renee Dietrich
Fund Type: Non-profit Organizations, Mission Groups & Missionaries

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