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Gabe Goslin Cancer Crusher

$3,313.03 Raised!

Start: Feb 13, 2019 - End: Apr 1, 2019

Gabe Goslin Cancer Crusher

Gabe Goslin is a 15-year old Freshman at Mount Vernon High-School. He is involved in baseball, football and holds a job outside of school. On February 4th he was diagnosed with Stage III Hodgkins Lymphoma-Nodular Sclerosis Type.  This diagnosis was obviously unexpected and devastating to Gabe’s family and friends. Can you imagine at age 15 to be told you have cancer? As a parent hearing those words? Gabe has started chemotherapy and treatment. Now that he is finally discharged from the hospital, he will need to make frequent trips back to the University of Iowa for treatment and more hospitalizations. Gabe and his family need our support. Mary, Gabe’s mom, had to quit her job to care for Gabe. Because of this, she has lost wages. Mary’s car is currently not working and she needs it for transportation to treatments for Gabe. In addition, Gabe will have at least one year’s worth of medical care and other medical supplies as he completes treatment. This is where we all as a community come in…let’s do some shopping at One Mission or offer a donation to help this family. Let’s take some of the added financial stress of having a sick child off their plate.

Fund Leader: Kaye Siders
Fund Type: Medical Causes

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A Quick Thank You

This community and those who shared Gabe’s fundraiser have done so much! Gabe’s fundraiser is 97% to it’s goal in a short amount of time. Thank you to everyone who donated and who shared his story. Gabe is doing okay. He shaved his head, he keeps smiling and Mary reports that’s while he’s not feeling the best, he’s doing okay considering everything put on his plate at such a young age. Chemo has been tough on him for sure but he continues to crush cancer. Thank you all!


Wow! This community has been so incredibly generous to Gabe and his family to help meet their needs during this difficult time. Thank you all so much- those of you who donated what a blessing you are to this family. Thank you all who shared this fundraising page so the word could get out about Gabe’s battle.

Today, Friday February 15th, Gabe and Mary will travel back to the University of Iowa for another round of chemo for Gabe. Gabe struggled with the last round of chemo so let’s pray he has a better reaction this time. I think knowing so many people care for him will help AND Gabe’s a freaking cancer crusher so he’s GOT THIS!!

Gabe Goslin Cancer Crusher Discussion:


Mary Goslin says:

Thank you for your support as Gabe fights cancer. We feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of the Mount Vernon community. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you💚

Cory and Crystal Pelley says:

Prayers 🙏🏼💙

Sarah Wirfs says:

We’re here for you Gabe💜

Susy Ketchum says:

Sending prayers. He is such a great kid.

Mary Day says:

You will not fight this battle alone!
We will be with you Gabe!
When Gabe has one this battle your job is waiting
For you.

Ashley says:

Prayers to you and your family. The medical field is so amazing these days. There is so much hope for your son. God bless you all <3

Lori says:

We LOVE Gabe!! What an awesome kid…one of my favorites❤️ So glad the prognosis is good!! Let us know if we can help. ~Pierce family

Mary Goslin says:

Another sleepless night I spend praying for Gabe. I’m thankful for all the blessings on the road so far & try to stay focused on the positive. Yesterday was a particularly hard one as Gabe suffered in pain, couldn’t hardly eat & then the big one, his hair started to fall out. We realized it as we were running to the pharmacy for yet another new prescription. I tried to make the best of what we both knew was coming by going to the mall & letting him get whatever new hats he wanted. When we got home he had a special package waiting for him which was a personal letter & signed photo from Anthony Rizzo the MLB 1st baseman for the Cubs! He shared with Gabe that he beat the same type of cancer at 18 yrs old that Gabe has now at 15 yrs old. He gave him encouragement to stay positive so he could get back on the field! It was exactly what Gabe needed in that moment when most kids, even adults would start to fall apart. Gabe decided to shave the rest of his head right then, he said that gave him some control back over the situation. We sat up late just talking about regular stuff & laughing at different things. He finally felt comfortable enough to take his hat off. He did a pretty good job for kid who’s only had to shave his chin before. He even took some pictures to share w his friends. It’s such a strange feeling to be so profoundly sad & incredibly proud in the same moment. Gabe continues to impress me each day with his positive, no quit, let’s do this head on attitude. He is so brave in his battle against cancer & I couldn’t be more proud of my son. I know he is lifted up by all the encouragement & prayers he has received from his family, friends & our entire Mount Vernon community. There aren’t enough words to express our thankfulness to all of you for everything you’ve done from visiting at the hospital, donating/shopping through One Mission, the thoughtful cards, gifts, meals, to shoveling snow & even helping start to fix my car! Your kindness, generosity & prayers are so greatly appreciated. Gabe absolutely knows that he’s not in this fight alone!
Mary Goslin💚

Mary Goslin says:

I can’t express how much this means to us. This was something we NEVER saw coming. Gabe continues to fight bravely & to stay as strong as possible. Unfortunately it has taken a big toll on him. He just wants to get back on the field & in school. We are praying that will happen sooner than later. Feeling the generous support of all of you has been so uplifting. Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts💚

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