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Sponsoring the Education of a Girl in Guatemala

$150.00 Raised!

Start: Oct 27, 2019 - End: Nov 16, 2019

Hello friends and family!

Thank you SO much for all of your support over the years! If it weren’t for you, I would have never made it to the country God called me to in 2017. Guatemala has a HUGE piece of my heart, and I am always seeking out opportunities to serve the people I love so deeply there.

If you can remember, last year I used One Mission to raise money for my sweet girl, Joselin. With that money, we sent her to kindergarten for the whole year! I got to visit her in February at her school, and in just two months, she had already learned so much! One day when she came home, she was singing songs and saying prayers that she had learned at school. It made my heart so happy to see her excitement to learn! God has blessed Dylan and I with the funds to continue to support her this upcoming school year, BUT I have another project I am wanting to fundraise for this year…

My goal with YOUR help this year is to send a teenage girl to school that I personally know. You have already heard about her and her siblings, as you helped me raise funds for volcano relief in 2018 that provided for four different families. A portion of those funds went towards this girl’s family, providing food, clothes, furniture, and covering funeral costs. This young girl (15), her two older brothers (17, 19), older sister (25) and brother-in-law (25), niece (4) and nephew (10 mo) were survivors of the Fuego volcano eruption on Sunday, June 3, 2018. At such young ages, they searched for weeks to find their lost family members, and they buried 8 people they lost on that unfortunate day (parents, siblings, grandparents, cousins). The rest of their town (pueblo) and a neighboring pueblo were buried under pyroclastic flow, and over 2,000 people lost their lives. The pyroclastic flow can reach speeds of up to 430 mph, so people could not escape or evacuate. The reason these siblings survived was because they were at church in a different pueblo that Sunday morning that was not in the path of flow.

I got to visit this family multiple times in the summer of 2018 and again in February. The missionaries in Guatemala, Gail and Elton of Kids ‘n Missions, have maintained relationships with the family over the past year and continue to visit them, pray over them, and help them with any needs they may have. It has been about 17 months since the devastation, and this family is now living in the nearby pueblo of Alotenango (where one of my great Guatemalan friends also lives!). This family has heavily relied on their faith in God and His miracles through this difficult time. A different ministry was able to build a home for them, a sweet baby boy was born in December 2018, and the family has been actively involved on the worship team at their church. Unfortunately, the 15-year-old girl could not attend school this year because her school records were lost in the volcanic eruption. However, paperwork has been settled, and she can attend school this year! My goal is to cover the costs of her schooling for the year of 2020. I am trying to raise $1,000 to do so. The reason I have the odd monetary goal of $582 is because y’all have already helped me raise $418 through sweatshirt sales in August. Thank you!!!

Christmas time is just around the corner, and there are GREAT items on this One Mission page! (I can personally attest that their products are of great quality!) 40% of every purchase will go to funding this great cause! You can also simply make a donation on this site, and 100% (except for credit card fees) of that donation will go towards the cause. Last year, we hit goal in less than 24 hours…Do you think we can do it again??? If not, you have until Saturday, November 16th to make your purchase. 🙂

Thanks and love y’all! <3 You are a WORLD CHANGER!

Fund Leader: Callaway Anderson
Fund Type: Mission Groups & Missionaries

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Sponsoring the Education of a Girl in Guatemala Discussion:


Curtis Wentz says:

I was in Guatemala during the eruption, and it was very devastating for many. I was volunteering at a clinic in Xela, and we actually had the opportunity to put together boxes of medications in order to send to the victims. I hope you reach your goal! Thank you for what you’re doing!

Callaway Anderson says:

How awesome that you were able to help meet medical needs! Guatemala holds a piece of your heart once you leave, doesn’t it? Thank you for your support!

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