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Haiti Chickens - Eastern Iowa Haiti Committee

$330.00 Raised!

Start: Aug 26, 2018 - End: Jan 10, 2019

Haiti Chickens - Eastern Iowa Haiti Committee

As families in the Haitian countryside struggle for self-sufficiency, their efforts are often sabotaged by natural disasters like hurricanes, droughts and mudslides, a corrupt government that ignores and exploits its rural people, and a landscape ravaged by centuries of deforestation and systematic abuse dating back to the days of colonial plantations.

The Haitian Committee of Eastern Iowa began serving our sister parish of 23 villages in remote Haiti about 15 years ago, offering education support by providing teacher tuition and training, classroom supplies, funding for building projects, and other tools for helping the people of Belle Fontaine, Haiti, become more self-sufficient.

To help families in the mountainous regions we serve, we are launching a campaign to fund chicken hatcheries that will allow villagers to replace chickens lost in hurricane Matthew in late September 2016, as well as increase poultry production in general.

Chickens offer a particularly useful opportunity for farmers to provide nutritious food for their families, produce goods that can be sold at market or exchanged for other essentials, and play an important part in a small farm’s efforts to enhance soil fertility.

Stage One involves the construction of a hatchery near Port au Prince where reliable electrical power can provide heating necessary for incubating eggs and raising young chicks before they can be transported. Once the young chickens can safely be taken to satellite chicken hutches and coops closer to the rural villages, they are carefully distributed to farmers with the means, incentive and expertise to care for them, incorporating the birds into their small farm system.

These farmers spend their lives on the cusp of starvation. Few years go by that one of their family members does not succumb to famine or hunger-related illnesses. A few chickens in the hands of a poor farmer can make the difference between success and failure, providing them the means to reliable self-sufficiency.

One hundred percent of funds raised by the Eastern Iowa Haiti Committee for this project go toward purchasing breeding stock, feed, building materials and other essentials for raising chickens in Haiti.

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Fund Leader: Joe Mischka
Fund Type: Churches & Youth Groups, Mission Groups & Missionaries

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