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Haiti Missionary

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Start: May 14, 2019 - End: Jun 3, 2019

March 2019 I was blessed to go to Haiti and work alongside World Wide Village organization and my team providing health care and doing street ministry to the Haitians. I was able to witness the amazing things that the organization is doing and the huge impact on the economy, spreading the word of Jesus, assisting with providing resources for them to be able to provide income  for their families, housing, and assist children with sponsors so they may attend school and have a meal. They do this all by working alongside the Haitian people. During my time there I felt a passion starting to rise up within me while I was there to serve them more and just a deep love for them.

One day before I left to go to the clinic I prayed that God help me to see Haiti as He see’s it. As our vehicle drove us to our destination I was in awe and felt such deep love for these people. I felt on my heart to do more. Not only did my team and I leave a impact on the Haitians but they impacted my life even more. I learned what it truly meant to have a servant’s heart and meet those that I serve exactly where they are at.  I want to assist World Wide Village with their mission and God is doing in this amazing little villages of Haiti. As soon as I got home I felt needed to fo back. Then a month later another door opened for different ministry work and I thought that meant that maybe God’s will wasn’t for me to go back so soon. Yet Haiti kept popping up for me. A team will be departing June 8th. I trust and believe that if this is God’s will, funds will be made available.

The money I raise will provide; food and shelter, Haitian interpreters (providing them jobs), transportation to areas where I will serve, and flight tickets.

I’m wanting to stay and serve for two weeks in any way possible. Working as a nurse, maybe teaching the Haitian nurses, ministering to the Haitian people of how God transformed my life of living in pain to living a joyful life. I’m unsure exactly how it will look like, but I do know I’m willing to serve where I’m called.

Fund Leader: Sheila Fox
Fund Type: Medical Causes, Other Groups & Individuals

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