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Heims Family: Love Never Fails

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Start: Oct 11, 2018 - End: Dec 31, 2018

This love story begins in 1995 when Ben and Tanya Heims met during their junior year of high school.  They attended different schools, but thanks to some mutual friends, their friendship blossomed.  Over the next year, and after a date to Tanya’s prom, Ben officially asked her to be his girlfriend.  Fast forward 3 short years later, and in May 1999, Ben and Tanya were married.  Tanya knew she wanted to be a mom more than anything.  In August 2000, they welcomed a healthy baby boy, Cameron.  Their second baby was born in April of 2003, a girl- Abby.  Their family was happy.  The four blonde, blue eyed Heims family would turn heads wherever they went- they were darling.

It was in 2004 when Ben and Tanya received a phone call they would never forget.  Tanya’s mom was watching the kids one weekend so Tanya and Ben could get away, when Cameron had a seizure.  Ben and Tanya couldn’t get home fast enough.  Cameron was diagnosed with epilepsy, but it was understood he would likely grow out of it around puberty.  Their new normal began with daily medications for Cameron.

Their family was not complete yet, and in October 2007 their son Tanner was born.  He was the center of attention for Cam and Abby.  As it turned out, Tanner’s name is the masculine form of Tanya- so fitting for his fun personality that is a lot like his mama.

A shock came in 2013 when Abby, then just 10 years old was displaying signs of a bladder infection.  Something did not sit right with Tanya and she took her in to be seen.  It was determined that Abby had Type 1 Diabetes. The doctor told Tanya that had she waited two more days to bring her in, Abby would have likely been in a diabetic coma. Diabetes education, a pump, insulin and needles were all thrown upon Tanya and Ben.  The diabetes community was a profound help at this time.

Just two months later, Tanya was home with the kids when Tanner asked if he could “poke his finger” like Abby.  Tanya said sure.  To her disbelief, Tanner’s blood sugar was very high.  Tanya tested the machine to make sure it was calibrated, and sure enough it was.  She made some calls, and Tanner was seen shortly after.  To their horror, Tanner was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes along with his sister.

Fast forward to just last month.  Cameron had been experiencing seizures well into puberty, several of which caused bumps and bruises and a few that required stitches at the ER.  They were not out of the woods with Cameron’s epilepsy like they had hoped.

It was just this past Tuesday that another seizure caused Cameron to bite through his lip, requiring another trip to the ER.  This time, the medical staff checked Cameron’s blood sugar as well- Cameron too, it was determined, has Type 1 Diabetes in addition to epilepsy.

To put it mildly, having three children with now four major medical issues would be enough to put anyone over the edge of sanity.  Medical bills are piling up and the Heims family could use a little encouragement.  Their love story is long from complete, but their faith has been tested.  Thankfully, Tanya’s job is allowing her to take some time off, but the financial burden still exists.  She is determined to continue sharing awareness and fighting for her kids’ health.  Her tenacity and grit through their medical crises has been inspiring, but they just want a break.  The whole family has been hit hard by issues out of their control.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the Bible verse from James 2, which says, “faith without works is dead.”  I can tell Tanya to keep the faith and to believe that there is a purpose to all this struggle-and there is- but what am I willing to do about it?  My prayer is that this Christmas season would hold a little miracle of hope in the midst of these trials for the Heims family.  Would you join me and help a miracle unfold for them?  We can’t heal, but we can help.

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