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Haiti Home of Hope Solar Panel Project

$415.98 Raised!

Start: Oct 26, 2018 - End: Mar 31, 2019

Haiti Home of Hope Solar Panel Project

Haiti Home of Hope has been making a huge impact in Pignon, Haiti for over 15 years.  As they have taken in more children, provided more services, and now have two missionary families living at HHH, their energy source has not grown or improved.  Currently, the energy source is operating at 50% capacity at best, requiring additional generators, and causing intermittent power outages.

In order to meet the needs of the milk clinic, the feeding clinic, providing care for the 44 children living there, the two missionary families, and the 30 employees, Haiti Home of Hope needs a reliable energy source.  New solar panels being installed will allow Haiti Home of Hope to remove the cost of old worn down generators being run and allow them to consistently meet the needs of the children and the surrounding community. New solar panels will remove the $8,000 yearly costs of generators and the lithium batteries will be a savings of 4 times the cost of current batteries.  The Solar Panel project not only provides better energy for the children and families at Haiti Home of Hope, but allows Haiti Home of Hope to better serve the community by taking the money saved on energy costs and pouring it back in to the children and community they are serving.

Due to the nature of Haitian government and culture things take more time to ship, acquire, and install.  We are raising funds now to ensure installation by September 2019. The expected cost for materials, customs, installation is estimated at just over $50,000.  The new solar panel system is expected to last for 10-15 years.  This will save HHH the $12,000 cost of purchasing and new generator (which is purchased about every three years) AND the average yearly cost of $8,000 to maintain and run the generators.

Haiti Home of Hope’s milk and feeding clinics allow for children to stay with their families where they will thrive, as all children are best served in a family than an institution.  HHH’s biweekly clinics provide nutrition, medical care, sponsors children to enroll in school, and empowers parents to care for their children by supporting them with the resources needed for the best outcomes for their child. For more information on the work Haiti Home of Hope is doing, check out their website at

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