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Hope of the Nations

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Start: Dec 19, 2019 - End: May 31, 2020

Hope of the Nations

Greetings Friends,

My Name is Kristine Euribe.  Hope of the nations came into existence in the year 2013 as primarily a charity to help those is need any place in the world. It came out of my own need and as i began to see others in worse shape, I could not help but act. I gave from my own need.

As time passed i saw the needs were so great all over the world and began to help where i could. Now as Hope of the nations i was blessed in 2019 to go to Uganda and do missions in 2 small villages.  One is Kaliro and the Other is Mbarara.

I returned after a month with a burning desire to help these people to see their needs met

Right now we are working in the village of Kaliro.  The needs are great. The school was just walls . Dirt floors.. no windows. We are campaigning for the money to make the school suitable. There are currenly 310 children attanding.

Also desperate need for shoes and clothing. Basic hygene supplies are needed

The children had sires on their feet from lack of proper protection

Even simple things like bandages and toilet paper. School supllies and even now they need desks. The sit on wood planks. Please help give them hope yoday. Thank you.



Fund Leader: Kristine Euribe
Fund Type: Mission Groups & Missionaries, Community Benefits

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