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Start: Nov 28, 2018 - End: May 31, 2019

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Howard's Adoption

Howard's Adoption

When I was was younger I always planned on being the crazy lady walking through the store with 10 kids in tow, my biggest dream was to have a huge family. After years of emotional roller coasters I was finally diagnosed With PCOS in 2013.  With three different doctors telling me how unlikely it will be for me to have my own biological children.

In 2015 I met a friend who told me about a hosting program she had previously participated in, and later adopted children from, she has been more of an inspiration than she may ever know.  I was so curious I went straight home and began looking into them, but never signed up, we will still wanted to try, after all, what do Doctors know.

The next year I spent praying and praying for a son, (as I already have an adopted daughter) trying month after month with heart break after heart break, while all of my friends posted their pregnancy announcements and gender reveals.  After the first month or two, I received and e mail from P143  reminding me of hosting, I was curious and signed up for the listing and this handsome little man caught my eye. but still we tried and tried I prayed and prayed. It wasn’t till 6 months when my phone rang I noticed I was ignoring the answers to my prayer. A nice woman on the other end offered to answer questions I may have had, after about a half hour she made a suggestion of a little boy on her list waiting for a host family, I said YES, no photo needed.

It wasn’t till about a week later I realized the boy I had said yes to on the phone was the SAME boy that had caught my attention on the host listing.  Here we are one year and 2 Hostings later, ready to bring Not only  Nikita, but his younger brother David home for good!

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