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Start: Jan 9, 2019 - End: Mar 21, 2019

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Alyssa's Mission Trip to Haiti

Alyssa's Mission Trip to Haiti

Hi there,

My name is Alyssa and I have the life-changing opportunity to go to Haiti and impact people’s lives! Ever since I was little I dreamed and desired of going into the mission field to show Christ’s love. I  remember hovering over a little globe in my room that I loved so dearly and imagining where I would go. I would spin it and spin it…closing my eyes, determined that whatever country my little finger landed (or ocean), that’s where I’d go.

That dream and desire never left me as I grew up and now that I’m older and understand that my steps are led by Christ and not by the spinning of a globe and the landing of my finger I feel led to “go” and that country that God has put on my heart to go to is Haiti.

I will be going with my church-Woodside Bible Church Troy, and serving alongside with Mission of Hope Haiti by developing life-changing and meaningful relationships, working on various service projects, and helping out with kids camps! I hope that you will support me on my journey towards making disciples of Christ whether it be a monetary gift or by your prayers! It’s all very much valued and appreciated!

A little bit more about me…I love Jesus, chocolate, and frappuccinos. 😉 I’m an avid reader, writer, and calligrapher. My hidden skill- is speedwalking…(I’m really super duper fast) I have an eye for photography and I love making graphic design quotes. Currently, I’m training a Leader Dog for the Blind- my little peanuts name is Waffles and I have a little black cat name Lolo that I love to snuggle.



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