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Iowa Environmental Council


Start: Jul 1, 2020 - End: May 31, 2021

Iowa Environmental Council

As IEC celebrates 25 years of working for an Iowa that is a safe place to live, work, and explore, we did not imagine we would have to do it while keeping our distance! We moved all our celebrations and events to the virtual space – and are so thankful for the ability to connect with you there!

We have adapted to making virtual connections – through webinars, zoom meetings, and email. And, yes, in our fundraising. From the start, our thinking was about supporting our local communities, and continuing our work. Our partnership with One Mission is yet another way to do that.  

When you purchase from One Mission, you can support a local Iowa business, support IEC, and you can share some IEC pride with their specially designed IEC shirt. 


The Iowa Environmental Council is the largest and most comprehensive environmental coalition in Iowa. Our mission: A safe, healthy environment and sustainable future for Iowa.

Through education, advocacy and coalition-building, we raise awareness, generate action and create large-scale change that makes Iowa a better place to live, work, explore and enjoy. Some examples of this work include:

  • Hosting Environmental Lobby Day at the state capitol each year, coordinating dozens of individuals and organizations to speak with legislators on environmental issues in Iowa.
  • Sending Action Alerts during the state Legislative session to more than 5,000 supporters, educating and helping people just like you contact legislators when necessary to call for action that protects Iowans access to clean water and clean energy.
  • Organizing outreach events throughout the state, sharing information and education, connecting like-minded supporters, and building a network of individuals and organizations committed to a safe, healthy environment and sustainable future.

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Iowa Environmental Council Discussion:


Joe Ruva says:

I’ve heard that there was a bill passed in the Iowa state senate that would apply a monthly charge to anyone putting up a new solar system. What is the progress of this in the house?

Jordan Bles says:

You are correct that the Iowa Senate last year passed the Sunshine Tax bill that would have undercut the economics of solar for people and businesses. Thanks to IEC and our allies, the bill faced strong opposition in the House last year and did not move through. We anticipate that MidAmerican and Alliant will be back working to pass the bill again this year and, once again, IEC will be at the forefront of that fight. We are hopeful that the House will continue to stand strong against the bill but will be leaning on the public get involved again in relaying their opposition to the bill and keeping legislators on the side of customers.

Mary M Maher says:

What is the IEC doing to hold our Iowa government accountable to regulate and put a moratorium on CAFO’s? This truly impacts Iowa’s air, land and water quality.

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