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Joanna’s Journey

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Start: Feb 18, 2021 - End: Apr 4, 2021

Joanna’s Journey

On Sunday February 7th Joanna doubled over with severe abdominal pain and by the end of the evening had a low grade fever. She hadn’t felt great the few days before, but she was diagnosed with diverticulitis a few years ago so she was use to struggling with pain. This day was different, the pain was excruciatingly worse than before. However she assumed it was a bad flair up and took her pain meds and tried to sleep it off, and figured her fever was because her daughter Raelynn had also had a fever off and on. The next couple days she had moments where she felt ok, but was nauseous and couldn’t eat anything without feeling horribly sick and burning pain again. She’s one tough warrior that’s for sure.

Thursday morning January 11th she made a virtual appointment, and they said you need to come to the clinic. When she got to the clinic in the afternoon they sent her straight to the ER for a CT scan and fluids. By the time she got there her fever spiked higher than at the clinic.   As soon as they got her results from the scan they came and told her and her husband Mitchell that she would need emergency surgery as her colon had ruptured and was leaking into her abdomen, and it couldn’t wait. They were able to make a few phone calls to family and then Joanna was rushed off to surgery.

3 hours later they came out and said the surgery went as they expected and Joanna should recover as expected as well. However they had to remove a foot of her colon, clean her out and they would not be able to attach what was left of her colon and she had a colostomy bag that she would need for up to a year. If everything heals well over the course of that time they could then go back in and reattach everything back as it should be.

Joanna is currently in the hospital and expected to stay in for a week. She is not allowed any food or drink until they know that her body is able to pass those nutrients safely through her new system. With the Covid season she can’t receive deliveries to the hospital and no visitors except her husband Mitchell. And he can only be there during visiting hours, he can’t stay with her over night.

We are heartbroken that our gentle, kind, sweet daughter/sister/wife/mother/auntie/friend has this journey ahead of her. But we praise God that she’s alive and we know she will thrive!!! If there’s anyone who can take this courageously head on, it’s our grace filled warrior Joanna.

God has been faithful through this and shown his favor over their life in multiple ways. One incredible moment was when they realized the nurse who was assigned to her recovery was her best friend Theresa! They also allowed Mitchell to stay until she woke up and she could see him, but then he had to go home. And even though Theresa couldn’t keep Joanna’s case because they’re best friends, it was comforting to know that she had someone on the same floor that she loves. Joanna and Mitch’s strong faith has and will continue to guide them through these changes.

This saved Joanna’s life, but it has also changed her life dramatically. While insurance will cover some of the necessary medical items, they have high deductibles. And insurance will not cover the day to day items that she will need to make this journey more comfortable. Things like ostomy bag covers, discreet bags to carry her supplies, new clothes/pants to fit comfortably around the stoma port, creams to prevent skin burning and blisters,  support bands and so much more!

My goal to provide help for them is $10,000 but I hope to exceed that as I’m sure the hospital stay and surgery alone are probably going to be most, if not all of that.

Will you give financially so that Joanna’s journey can be as comfortable as possible?

Thank you for your prayers!
Joanna’s Family

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Fund Leader: Crystal Beilke
Fund Type: Medical Causes

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