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Fathers memorial fund

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Start: Aug 16, 2019 - End: Aug 31, 2019

Fathers memorial fund

My father John R Schell Sr. Passed away from terminal illness’s on August 1rst.

He had no life insurance.I have no help to pay for it. A few of my friends and family donated.we are a low income family and we loved my dad so much. We have started fundraisers and we will be doing a spaggettie dinner also.

His passing has caused my family pain.

We were all very close with my dad.he was an amazing man.The last days of my life i cared for him.a whole month he was home from the hospital,bathed him,changed him,made his comfy,he was home where he wanted to be.

Life threw an in expected curvy ball at us.I was not prepared for any of this.So i am asking for help.Thanks to my friends and close family.I am reaching out to the community. Thanks so much.

Fund Leader: Loretta Garcia
Fund Type: Community Benefits, Other Groups & Individuals

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