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Katie Frett fundraiser

$350.00 Raised!

Start: Sep 4, 2019 - End: Sep 30, 2019

Katie Frett fundraiser

A friend of mine has a daughter who was born  with the following condition,  Hypoplastic Left Ventricle, with Pulmonary Artery Atresia, and MAPCAs. Similar to HLHS, but with a few differences. Kate required a heart transplant earlier this year, she has bravely been battling organ rejection and sepsis, she is currently very sick in Milwaukee’s Children’s Hospital. Her parents are staying in Milwaukee while she “ fighting all her battles”, at considerable cost and both parents are having to take breaks from their careers. This fund is to help Kate “ fight her battles “, and her family deal with the financial burdens, that Kate’s condition, creates. Donate to Kate’s cause to help her and her family fight all “ their battles”.

Fund Leader: Gary Artingstall
Fund Type: Medical Causes

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