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Kenya Construction Mission Trip

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Start: Nov 18, 2018 - End: Jan 17, 2019

True story:
Recently, one of the local pastors in Turkana Kenya (“the bush”) was traveling with missionaries who were digging wells. The pastor wasn’t feeling well and was diagnosed with adult chicken pox. Without trained medical staff and appropriate medicine, this progressed into encephalitis and the pastor passed away within days of his initial sickness.
That is one of hundreds of similar stories that could be told about the medical situation in Turkana county, and it’s why the expansion of their medical clinic is so important.
This clinic treats around 3,000 people per month right now. Sometimes there are lines of people waiting to get seen.
There are no facilities for inpatient or maternity care. People get treated and sent home; women give birth in grass huts.
Our partner in Turkana, has finalized the plans to expand the clinic in January 2019. The expanded clinic will include inpatient care for up to 12 persons at once. It will have expanded laboratory services, a wider range of available medicines, and a full-time medically trained nurse.
Lives will be saved!
We’ve already raised all the funds needed for the materials!!
What we need now is helping funding the trip for our men’s team to go work alongside the locals to kick off this project.
Will you consider supporting us on this venture? Your contributions will save lives!
Brad Kingsley
Seacoast Men’s Kenya Mission
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