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Start: Apr 29, 2019 - End: May 31, 2019

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Serving in the community is something that is very important to us. We wanted to share this passion with our children but finding service opportunities that our young children could participate in was no easy task. In November of 2015, we decided to give it a shot and make “no sew” blankets for Children’s Mercy South. We invited a few friends and were thrilled so many were excited to make blankets with us. By the time we were finished, we were able to take 50-60 blankets to Children’s Mercy South. 

We wanted to keep the momentum going, so we decided to line up monthly service events to encourage families to stay involved. We figured if we can devote 1 night or more a week for a sport or activity, couldn’t we devote 1 day a month for serving our community?

For our next planned event, we lined up an opportunity to serve a local outreach, Mission Southside, with toiletry bags. We were hoping to fill 50-60 bags for them and we ended up filling 245 bags! Hundreds of people signed up to be a part of this event and the excitement grew beyond anything we ever imagined. The heart of our community to serve and teach our children the importance of compassion and service has been overwhelming. We are so blessed to be a part of something so amazing!

So why are we doing this? Why is this so important to us? It’s important to us because our kids will follow our example…and if we are being honest here, we are not always the best example. We constantly show our children the not-so-great sides of us and often wonder how we will ever get this parenting thing right. Regardless of how many times we mess up, we want our kids to know love. Not only to feel love, but how important it is to share love as well. We want our kids to know that their parents love Jesus and are following his greatest commandment, to love Him and to love others. We want them to know how blessed they are and how carefree their life is compared to others. We want them to be able to see a need in the world and be moved to do something about it. By participating in the programs and activities we have designed, we hope our youth will develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills to become competent, caring and contributing adults that make a positive difference in their communities.

Fund Leader: Stephanie Whisner
Fund Type: Non-profit Organizations

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