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Little Rock Angels


Start: Jun 8, 2020 - End: Dec 31, 2020

Little Rock Angels is a non-profit organization that exists to build sustainable foster homes and empower children in foster care.  On average, foster children move 7 times in 2 years.  That’s 7 different sets of parents, siblings, rules, schools, and friends.  Also, half of foster families close their home after their first placement stating lack of support.  Our solution is our Love Box Program.  This program utilizes a trauma-informed, wrap-around service model that strengthens relationships between foster families, foster youth, and bio-families.

Our volunteers are everyday people that sponsor a local foster family with a monthly care package (called a Love Box) that meet the practical needs of the family.  The Love Box is simply a conduit to the relationship.  The relationship is the real life-changer.  The quality time spent with the family every month is changing the way children and parents experience the foster care system.  We cannot wait for the government to change the system, we must change how they experience it.

Our mantra?  Mandate Love!  We want to be an organization that commissions others to change lives through the power of love.  We believe in the power of love and the value of friendship and positive role models for children in foster care.  We want to connect people passionate about making a difference in the foster care community to our most vulnerable children that have experienced neglect and abuse and the selfless parents who care for them, and we want to love them like it is our job!

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