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MaArte Theatre Collective

$2,510.00 Raised!

Start: Jul 1, 2019 - End: Aug 11, 2019

MaArte Theatre Collective

MaArte Theatre Collective

is a collaborative cohort of Pilipinx-American theatre-makers in San Diego, with the mission to create space for the Filipino-American experience in our diverse and dynamic culture through fearless storytelling.

Summer New Play Festival: Myths Unspoken

MaArte’s annual Summer New Play Festival returns! Featuring 8 emerging Filipinx playwrights and poets, Myths Unspoken explores the freedom of the future by reaching into the past. Join us in celebrating the stories that make us who we are.

“Myths Unspoken” is curated and directed by Yari Cervas, Baby Bagos Hood and Michaela Subido. Produced by MaArte Theatre Collective. Be sure to look out for the rest of our upcoming programming, too!


  • Fall Play Reading Series curated by Yari Cervas & Michaela Subido
    Art on Third, Chula Vista
    This fall comes MaArte’s monthly play reading series with work by Filipino playwrights, new and old, from Dog Eaters to Diktador.
  • Your Best American Girl by Ciarlene Coleman. Directed by Yari Cervas.
    International New Zealand and Adelaide (Australia) Fringe Festivals 2020
    A one-woman music and dance spectacle grappling with what it takes for a mixed-race military kid to become the ideal American girl.
Learn more through our Facebook page @MaArteTheatreCollective or our website,

Our Story
In 2018, six young Pilipinx-American theatre artists in San Diego felt a deep lack of Asian – but especially Filipino – representation in theatre, media, music, and other storytelling mediums. After forming a bond over the desire to see more of our own stories celebrated in the wider world, we realized that you can’t wait for someone else to invite you to tell your story– you just have to start telling it. So, in February of 2018, we founded the MaArte Theatre Collective to create space for the Filipino-American experience in our diverse and dynamic culture.
The MaArte Collaborators
Yari Cervas, Ciarlene Coleman, Baby Bagos Hood, Patrick Mayuyu, Shaun Tuazon-Martin, Claudette Santiago, and Michaela Subido.

Why “maarte”? “Maarte,” translated literally from Tagalog, means “artistic” or “creative.” However, the word has become commonly used to instead to refer to a young woman as “high-maintenance,” “picky,” or “pretentious.” In other words, “maarte” means “a diva”. We have chosen to reclaim and redefine this word. To us, it means bold. It means audacious. It means filled with the power of creativity. We are selective and we know exactly what we want – the fair and honest representation of the fullness of the Filipino-American experience – and we’re out to get it.

Fund Leader: Claudette Santiago
Fund Type: Schools, Fine Arts, & Athletics, Community Benefits

Purchase with Purpose

40% of every product purchased is donated

Announcing…YOUR BEST AMERICAN GIRL at #sdfringe19

May 19th, 2019: Our summer plans are officially kicking off! Rehearsals begin TOMORROW, so we’re opening up our campaign to fund for production. Because our organizers are all volunteers, all money donated goes directly into production costs, including:

  • artist compensation (We are offering stipends to the designers, stage managers, and all hired actors for our summer productions.)

  • venue rental fees (MaArte is a vagabond theatre organization, so we reserve spaces separately for each event.)

  • production fees (We plan on putting on even bigger shows this year, and we are going to invest in sets, props, projection screens, and whatever else we need to create ambitious theatre!)

Our campaign lasts until July, and we receive checks from One Mission on a monthly basis. We appreciate your continued support!

The FLIP Side: A night of FOB-ulous Theatre

The MaArte Theatre Collective Presents

The FLIP Side: A Night of FOB-ulous Theatre

May 7 at 8pm

Ocean Beach Playhouse

4944 Newport Ave D, San Diego, CA 92107

TICKETS: $15 General Admission

Available at

*Please note, all ticket purchases are subject to processing fees.

Sort-of-Brown Sisters. Always-the-Sidekick-But-Never-the-Star Actors. Fierce-But-Long-Forgotten Friends. All American. All Filipino. Join MaArte for 7 fully-staged short plays that explore exactly what it is to be a hyphenated human-being.

Featuring …

“Accents” by Ciarlene Coleman

Directed by Meg Stoll Tron

“High Stakes” by Ruth Pe Palileo

Directed by Ciarlene Coleman

“Inay’s Wedding Dress” by Conrad A. Panganiban

Directed by Christine Nathanson

“Distinguished Competition” by Marc Abrigo

Directed by Meg Stoll Tron

“That is Not Yours” by Molly Olis Krost

Directed by Christine Nathanson

A Monologue

“Bachelor Moon (Excerpt)” by Thelma De Castro

Directed by Claudette Santiago

“Colored” by Carol Cabrera

Directed by Christine Nathanson

MaArte Theatre Collective Discussion:

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