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Start: Nov 28, 2018 - End: Feb 16, 2019

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Mulder Family Adoption

We are so excited to announce we are adopting from India!!! We’ve desired to adopt since before we were even married, but this past May, we started having serious conversations about bringing a third child into our family through adoption. Since that time we have prayed, researched adoption and talked with adoptive families. We have now officially been accepted into the India adoption program and we are so excited to get our child home soon, Lord willing! We’ve saved money, applied to grants (and hope to apply to more!), but we are also praying that you, our friends and family, might want to come alongside us on this journey and help us get our child home!

The first large fee we need is for the home study portion of our adoption process. We have planned a puzzle fundraiser to help us pay this fee.


***We have a 500 piece world map puzzle that we are excited to put in our child’s room when it is complete!

***A donation of $10 “buys” that puzzle piece. You can buy as many pieces as you want. 1, 5, 20… whatever you feel led to give!

***We will write your name on the back of your puzzle piece (or pieces)!

*** When the puzzle is complete we will frame it with glass on each side and put it in our child’s room so he/she can always be reminded of who was a “piece” of getting him/her home!

*** Another way you can support our adoption is by purchasing products from the One Mission website. 40% of each product purchased goes towards our adoptions costs.

We are thankful for your prayers and support as we pursue adoption from India! It means so much to us!!!

If you’d like to stay updated on our journey, check out our blog…

Fund Leader: Brady Mulder
Fund Type: Adoptive Parents

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