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Start: Jan 1, 2017 - End: Dec 31, 2019

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MVSB: Team on a Mission

MVSB: Team on a Mission

Our team is more than building a solid softball program. Our mission is about creating a fundamentally sound, competitive, and successful softball program that is comprised of a group of individuals that play for more than themselves. They play for their teammates, their school district, their community, and for the passion of the game. We promote an attitude of gratitude in our program as we strive for greatness on and off the field. We understand the importance of family and belonging to something greater than ourselves.
As we fund raise for our own program , we also have a desire on our hearts to show appreciation for all that we have. We want to give back to our community. We want to give all children the chance to feel the same kind of belonging, and the opportunity to thrive.
With this thought in mind, we will be donating a percentage of our fundraising to a local Mount Vernon family that is in the process of adopting two brothers from Haiti. We want to support them as they strive to be a positive change in our world and in the lives of these two boys. We want to give back.
Thank you for your support, Mount Vernon Softball.

Making a Difference In: Mount Vernon, IA
Fund Leader: Robin Brand
Fund Type: Schools, Fine Arts, & Athletics

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