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Nazaret's Turkey Missions Trip

$15.00 Raised!

Start: Apr 1, 2019 - End: Apr 30, 2019

Nazaret's Turkey Missions Trip

I want to share with you the amazing opportunity God has presented to me to be a missionary in the countries of Turkey and Cyprus from the month of May until July. In the fall of 2018, I transferred to North Central University in order to complete a bachelors degree in Intercultural Studies with a focus in Children and Youth in Crisis with the goal of becoming a full-time missionary in the future. As someone who feels called to the mission field, I am excited to see how God plans to use me to show His love to those who need it most while developing and maturing spiritually throughout this summer experience.

The first part of my journey will be in the country of Turkey. A group of my classmates and I will be trained and mentored by our professor Dr. Robert Brenneman.  Besides learning how to share the Gospel within a unreached country and learning about the culture, we’ll be learning Turkish in order to communicate with people and build relationships to create a more personal experience. As we have the opportunity to pray “on-sight with insight”, our prayer is that God may open the eyes and hearts of the Turkish people to the message of Jesus. As an unreached country, Turkey is an amazing place to share the truth about the love and mercy of their Creator.

The last month of the trip I will be doing an internship in Cyprus with a group of missionary women as part of the requirement for completing my degree. Their holistic ministry approach works directly with refugees and human trafficking victims in the area. Their goal is to show the love of Christ to these people by helping them restore their dignity and find their identity in Christ, and become self-sufficient by focusing in the restoration of their mental, physical and spiritual health. As someone that wants to do medical missions, this will be an incredible experience in which I’ll be able to learn how to help people in crisis through God’s love.

I invite you to partner with me financially and become a part of what God is going to do in Turkey and Cyprus!

Fund Leader: Nazaret Martinez
Fund Type: Mission Groups & Missionaries

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