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Start: Sep 11, 2018 - End: Dec 31, 2019

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Be My Neighbor - Neighborhood Centers of Johnson County

Be My Neighbor - Neighborhood Centers of Johnson County

Do you know Neighborhood Centers of Johnson County? You should.

NCJC is made up of a talented group of humans who give every person in Iowa City a chance to thrive. By connecting people to programs and services, NCJC ensures that all residents are able to make the most of their place in this world. And this community. From the smallest to the tallest.

Located near Broadway and Pheasant Ridge neighborhoods, NCJC has two centers and serves as community based, family-centered human services agency offering programs in area schools and neighborhoods.

In the fall of 1973, residents from the Pheasant Ridge neighborhood (then known as the Mark IV Apartments) came together out of a concern for their neighborhood. They were troubled by recent vandalism and disputes between neighbors. This group of concerned neighbors shared a simple desire to create a more peaceful neighborhood.

They decided they needed a common space – a neighborhood center – where children could gather for safe and fun after school activities.  A place where families could meet to know one another. They approached apartment management and were given the use of a three-bedroom apartment.

In October of 1973 Neighborhood Centers was born. In 1990, NCJC expanded and built a 6,000 square foot facility on Broadway Street to serve the families in southeast Iowa City. A few years later they started working in the mobile home neighborhood bringing resources and programs to underserved families.

In recent years, NCJC has offered preschool and after school programs throughout the ICCSD. Our family-centered and community-based approach offers a long term commitment to families in the neighborhoods we serve. By offering a consistent and stable neighborhood presence, we provide a balanced mixture of programs and activities that built community and teach new skills.

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Thank you for being our neighbor. Thank you for supporting the people of our community who bring life, culture, and joy.

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