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Neil and Anna Tunnicliff Medical Support Fund

$17,223.85 Raised!

Start: Feb 21, 2018 - End: Mar 10, 2018

Neil Tunnicliff was diagnosed with stage IV rectal cancer in January 2018, at 29 years old. After undergoing major abdominal surgery, he began receiving chemotherapy at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in February.

Neil is a junior high and high school English teacher, speech coach, and yearbook advisor at Regina Catholic Education Center in Iowa City, IA. His wife, Anna, is in her final semester of graduate school at the University of Iowa.

Mr. Tunnicliff is a positive, caring, and enthusiastic teacher. At Regina, Neil has devoted himself to his students in and out of the classroom. Whether it is coaching the speech teams, helping with the high school musical, taking photos for the yearbook, teaching the juniors how to speak in public, or showing 7th graders where a comma should be placed, Mr. Tunnicliff is sure to be smiling and providing encouragement.

Neil and Anna need financial support throughout his fight against cancer. Neil will be taking significant time off of work while Anna finishes up her Master’s Degree in Library & Information Science this spring. Any donations and prayers would be appreciated during this challenging time.


There are 3 easy ways YOU can support Neil and Anna:
1.You can purchase any of One Mission’s great products and 40% of what you spend will be donated.
2.You can donate cash (One Mission doesn’t charge a platform fee).
3.You can share this Fund with your friends and family.

Making a Difference In: Iowa City, Iowa
Fund Leader: Timothy Foley
Fund Type: Medical Causes

Purchase with Purpose

40% of every product purchased is donated

Feb 26th Update

A quick update from Anna Tunnicliff.

“We have been so overwhelmed by the support and the prayers from all of our friends! I think that knowing people are behind us really helped us through the last week.”

We are just $1300 away from our goal of $15,000 to support the Tunnicliffs. Thank you to all who helped support these great people!

Feb 23rd Update

Wow! People are amazing! Especially all of you!  The Tunnicliffs are very appreciative of everyone who has donated to help them.

When we started this fund earlier this week, Neil and Anna were unsure of a lot of things regarding their current situation. As this week has gone along, they have been able to work through some things and they have a better idea of some of their needs. Due to Neil’s expenses so far with his medical plan, we are going to set a goal of $15,000. We have already surpassed the small goal of $2500 by 4 times. Thank you to all of you who have given or purchased merchandise.

Thank you again to all who have donated to help Neil and Anna. They are wonderful people!


Tim Foley

Neil and Anna Tunnicliff Medical Support Fund Discussion:


Tim Foley says:

Thank you to all who are visiting this site for the first time. The Tunnicliff appreciate any and all support you can give them.

Mollie S says:

You have been a blessing in so many lives, I am glad to see there are so many sharing the blessing in return! Neil and Anna, may you find strength in the love of God. I will continue to pray for healing and blessings on your family.

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