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Who's world do you want to change?

Gems of Hope, Cancer Really Sucks

Gems of Hope Inc. supports cancer patients and their families. At the core of our programs is our “gifts of...

The Village Community

The Village Community is a non-profit, service organization founded by families who have young adult children who are intellectually and...

Until the Work is Done

Community Health Initiative, Haiti’s (CHI) goal in partnering with our dear friends at One Mission Fundraising is to support our efforts...

Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids

Critter Crusaders exists to support the Health, Welfare and Adoption of animals at the Cedar Rapids Animal Care and Control...

Red Shamrock Foundation - Pediatric Cancer Survivorship

Thanks to the early detection and increasingly effective treatment, more children than ever before are surviving cancer. However, when a...

National Resilience Institute

NRI started as a community resiliency project in Mount Vernon, Iowa after the loss of three teens to suicide. As other post-crisis...

If you work with, or manage, a non-profit organization and are looking for a great new fundraiser, let's work together.

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