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Kickin' Cancer with Danielle Pape #PapeStrong

$270.20 Raised!

Start: Aug 27, 2020 - End: Oct 28, 2020

Kickin' Cancer with Danielle Pape #PapeStrong

Danielle (Rodas) Pape was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Mike and Danielle have two teenage daughters and a grown son, daughter in law and a bundle of grandma joy due in February!

Her story started back in March when Danielle started to have stomach pains. Roll forward to July when no matter what she ate she couldn’t keep her diabetes under control. With those 2 combinations the doctors requested a CT scan on July 3rd. The findings of this were a little overwhelming. A 1 1/2 inch mass on her pancreas. She was referred to Iowa City to find out what the mass was. The news wasn’t good. Pancreatic Cancer! Not something you want to hear but she is one tough cookie and won’t go down without a fight! With the support of all her friends and loved ones she will make it through this! She is beyond over the pitty party and on to the kickin’ it stage with a positive attitude! She now has a game plan! 4 months of chemo with a port which has been put in. When chemo is complete she will do radiation for about 5 weeks. Then they will allow her a month off to heal up a little with surgery to follow. We are hopeful that Surgery will take place in Jan/Feb! Cancer kickin’ has begun!!! 💜  Please support this cause to assist with medical, travel and related expenses as she fights this fight! The last concern this family needs to have right now is financial!

Fund Leader: Shannon Korsi
Fund Type: Medical Causes

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