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$1,154.20 Raised!

Start: Jan 28, 2019 - End: May 31, 2019

Boston has a rare genetic disease called PKU. PKU affects 0.004% of the U.S. population.

PKU is the body’s inability to break down phenylanine which is found in protein. That means he can have some things in protein–some veggies. But no fish, meat, beans, soy, milk products, nuts and the list goes on…and that’s forever. If he does eat things high in protein (not within his normal range of phenylanine) he can develop, seizures, severe brain damage, and mental retardation. So this is not a diet you can cheat on. He may have a special diet, but as long as he stays on it he will grow up to be a healthy, normal little boy! Help us bring awareness for PKU and  raise funds for medical treatments and cures.

Making a Difference In: Amarillo, TX
Fund Leader: Chelsey Barrett
Fund Type: Medical Causes

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