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Fighting For Preston Scott

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Start: Jan 26, 2018 - End: May 31, 2018

Fighting For Preston Scott

In October of 2014, with autumn’s colors in full prime, I held my 4-year old son Preston tightly after hearing the news – he had just been diagnosed with Medulloblastoma, an aggressive type of brain cancer usually associated with children. A successful surgery to remove the tumor was performed shortly after diagnosis, but that good news was short-lived.

A month of Radiation and a year of chemotherapy only kept the cancer contained, failing to eradicate it. Further MRI’s since his diagnosis have revealed the disease has spread throughout his brain, into his spine, and even more alarming, a new tumor is growing – which is now causing seizures.

The heartbreaking reality of this disease is that Preston has been given a terminal diagnosis for which there is a small number of trial treatments available. For the trials that are out there, very few offer little to no promise.

This is where I need your HELP.

After doing some research, I started Preston on a daily intake of natural treatments and supplements at cost of around $3000 a month – treatments not covered by my insurance. As a middle-class single parent, I am unable to support the out-of-pocket costs associated with treating my son. I am committed physically, mentally, and emotionally to see that Preston gets the love and affection he needs to stay strong and battle this dreadful disease.

I cannot predict Preston’s future, but I can try to influence it with treatment, experimental or otherwise and your support is his only hope.

— Jesse Scott, Preston’s father

Making a Difference In: Tacoma, WA
Fund Leader: Cynthia Dumas
Fund Type: Medical Causes

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