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Haiti 2020 - Rally Round Haiti


Start: Mar 5, 2019 - End: Dec 31, 2020

Haiti 2020 - Rally Round Haiti

Update: Haiti project

Unfortunately, Covid 19 and the pandemic changed my plans for an August 2020 trip.  I’m planning for February 2021 now. We may possibly be doing a November 2020 trip as well.  Praying for direction, funding, and for the right people to join.

I feel a strong desire to help the people of Haiti. The country is rampant with poverty. I feel like the people just don’t know what to do to better their situation. I think they feel hopeless. I honestly don’t know how these people are surviving. It breaks my heart. 😞

There are a few projects I’d like to put in place in order to help the Haitians. I don’t want to just give them things. I want to TEACH them HOW to care for their families. I want them to teach their children to do the same which will create tremendous change in their circumstances.

A year or so ago we sent Val to an agricultural school where they taught him how to grow vegetables, he learned about drip irrigation, he was provided with seeds and tools. Sin E that time, he has been able to grow some vegetables for his family as well as teach a few others how to do the same.

My friend, Jean and his father are raising Chickens. Val’s mother raises pigs. Val’s pastor raises goats. These people have agreed to come together to provide an informational meeting for people who are interested in learning how to care for and raise animals. They will be assisted to choose an animal to get started with as well as some vegetables to grow. After they have completed the required classes they will be given a start up pack which will include everything they need to get started. Our experienced mentors will assist them as needed. After a set amount of time has passed these people will either pay back their start up costs to help someone else get started OR provide a new family with animals. (Details still to be determined) We would like to teach the people how to raise animals to eat, market, etc in order to feed their families &/or create an income from them.

Other people could make chicken pens, feeders, grind feed, tend to the animals, whatever is needed… creating jobs. 😁

We would also like to build a clinic where the Haitian people could go for free healthcare in their community. Val has some land we could use. As of now, Im thinking about a free clinic once a month or every 2 months run by volunteer Haitian doctors, nurses, helpers….. but Im looking for monetary donations to provide them with medications and medical supplies. We can also use the clinic as an emergency food kits distribution center when needed.

I need to work on obtaining a non profit status for my Rally Round Haiti group but that is going to cost a couple thousand dollars. I could be actually helping the people with that money. I plan to do this eventually but I feel like it can wait for now.

If you feel led to help with any of these projects we would be extremely appreciative!
You could send a one time donation or a monthly gift. Anything will help! I can assure you, 100% of your donations will go directly to aid the Haitian people. We’re currently working on the village of Damien but hopefully this will spread to other communities.


Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere.  Thousands die due to Tb, HIV/AIDS, contaminated water, etc.  Less than 50% of the children go to school.  The unemployment rate is over 80%. This country is stuck in a desperate situation. They need help!  We have compassionate people who want to go provide assistance.  Will you help ?

The week of August 1-8, 2020 Rally Round Haiti will be taking a medical team to provide basic medical care to Haiti.  We will set up a clinic treating the locals, we will visit orphanages where children are in dire need of medical attention.  We also plan to visit Citi Soleil where the needs are unimaginable.  We also plan to take a construction team who will help to make improvements on the home of Keita and her 4 sons.  It’s so very hard on them “when the rains come”.

August 2019, we took a small group of 5 Americans where we joined with a few Haitians making a team of 15 who came to serve and to love the 350 patients who came to our clinic.  We WANT to do more but we need your help!  The cost of the trip is $1300/person.  This includes $700 for flight, $350 for room and board, $250 for interpreters, transportation, etc.  We also need donations for medicines & supplies for patients.  I’m expecting to raise $5,000 for this mission here.  We NEED your support.  Please prayerfully considering donating to our cause and sharing with others who may also like to help us.  If you want to donate to a particular person on our team please just mention their name.  THANK YOU & God Bless !!

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