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Robin's Liberia Mission Trip

$3,020.40 Raised!

Start: Jul 16, 2018 - End: Oct 15, 2018

Robin's Liberia Mission Trip

In January 2019 I will travel to Liberia with the Farmer to Farmer mission of the East Ohio Conference UMC. Farmer to Farmer partners with the United Methodist Church in Harrisburg, Liberia to teach sustainable farming, as well as support a sewing school and preschool. They are also working to build and Ag Tech School. Traveling to Africa has always been a dream of mine and this trip will allow me to use my teaching skills to make a difference in the lives of others, and even more importantly, to broaden my understanding of humanity and global situations.

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Making a Difference In: Liberia
Fund Leader: Robin Dillon
Fund Type: Mission Groups & Missionaries

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