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Ruslan's Wish

$43.00 Raised!

Start: Feb 3, 2019 - End: Aug 1, 2019

Ruslan's Wish

This child has wrapped himself around my heart in a big way.  I am not a super religious person, but this experience has strengthened my faith.  This is a God thing.

I saw R’s picture for the first time on Facebook in late November when the hosting organization was looking for a family to host him over Christmas.  I was instantly drawn to him and agreed to host.

We developed a relationship over FB Messenger and my world has been turned upside down ever since.

Ukrainian orphans face insurmountable odds against them.  The government does not have a foster system in place.  There are over 100,000 orphans in Ukraine living on the streets and in orphanages.  The orphanages are cold, due to lack of money to heat and the children are surviving, but malnourished. They are also craving the love and affection only a family can give.

On top of all of that, the Ukrainian society looks down upon orphans.  They age out of the orphanage at 16 and are left to fend for themselves and are often prey to sex and drug traffickers and often end up in jail.

I was once told that an orphan is looked upon like the sludge at the bottom of a barrel and they can’t find work.  Even more difficult is to consider, R has a slight disability and now he is considered the rust beneath the sludge at the bottom of a barrel.  The situation was dire and hopeless.

R turns 16yr on Feb 14th.  He was facing being put out of the orphanage in May when he graduates and unless special papers are filed prior to 16, no chance for adoption is possible.

I fell in love with this sweet boy and desperately wanted to adopt.  Adoption would come with many challenges and my family was just not ready for that.  I was heartbroken to say the least.  In my moment of greatest despair, a friend told me to trust in fate.  What is meant to be will happen and it did.

Our hosting coach, Heather, had become a good friend and a person of support during this difficult time.  She too was struggling to heal from a failed adoption.  Heather had known R from the hosting program and adored him.  I said to her, “Would you adopt him?”  The next morning I started to get excited and sent her a text message about adopting and to my shocked elation she agreed!!  A door had closed for her and a new and wonderful door opened.  She can save R.

Heather has graciously invited me on this journey as she knows my love for this child.  We want to help emotionally and financially to make this a smooth process.  Remember, Heather has already spent several thousand on a failed adoption.  My family and another family will be sending several thousand dollars to help.  We ask if you can please help us to bring this child home.  He will not only get the family he deserves, but the medical help he needs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!!!

Fund Leader: Heather Turner
Fund Type: Adoptive Parents

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