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Steve Johnson: On the Road to Recovery

$3,444.97 Raised!

Start: Mar 20, 2019 - End: Jan 1, 2020

Steve Johnson: The Road to Recovery.

Steve was visiting family in Florida, rented a motorcycle to go up A1A Beach Front Ave. On February 3, 2019 he was involved in a motorcycle accident. He sustained numerous injuries, including multiple broken ribs, clavicle fracture, scapula fractures, tib/fib fracture and punctured lung. This left him non weight bearing and in a lot of pain. He was then sent to a rehab facility and had some crazy roommates!! Prior to being discharged, they re x rayed his clavicle and decided it needed surgery emergently because it was becoming so displaced.

Steve was brought back to the hospital the next day, prepped for surgery and woke up with no feeling or function to his L arm. He was told this would come back in the next few days. It has been over a month now, and he still has no feeling or movement. There is hope, a specialist at Mayo Clinic in Florida that deals with this type of injury, and Steve has an appointment in the next month.

Our dear friend is in Florida, staying with his brother and family. He needs our support now more than ever. Please consider donation or purchasing an amazing shirt that will show your support to Steve and keep his amazing spirit alive!!!

Those of you that know Steve, know he is one tough dude. What you may not know, is he has a gentle soul that is full of love and compassion. He is a father, a son, a brother, an uncle, friend and all around hilarious and amazing guy. He is the person you want on your side, he will and has done anything he can to help his friends and family. His kindness is spread daily by the work he has done as a Registered Nurse at HCMC.

We can’t wait for him to come back to Minnesota. Lets get him back soon!!!!

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