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Laughter for the Health of It in support of The Ovarian Cancer Circle

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Start: Jul 7, 2020 - End: Nov 30, 2020

I met Paulinda Babbini in 2012. I heard the story of her beautiful  daughter Robin  – an active teenager and honor student in high school. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer at 17 and passed away at 20.

At the time my daughter was about to turn 20 and healthy and I knew I had to get involved so this doesn’t happen to any other woman young or old.

I created Laughter for the Health of it with a mission to empower everyone to have a more positive outlook by seeing the Humor instead of the horror in our world!  When we are laughing we are not feeling pain and when we laugh together with others we create bonds that connect. It was through my mission that I realized I needed to volunteer with The Ovarian Cancer Circle to help women continue to laugh and enjoy life.

The Ovarian Cancer Circle – Inspired by Robin Babbini is committed to creating an ever-expanding ring of networking, education and support for women of all ages, their extended families and friends who are affected by ovarian cancer. The Circle is funding research that will promote and sustain a national dialogue which will lead to a cure for ovarian cancer.

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