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Tanzania Water Fund

$1,886.55 Raised!

Start: Nov 2, 2020 - End: Dec 31, 2020

Hi there, my name is Justin. In 2018, I did 1,000 pullups in one day to raise $25,000 for a water well project in Tanzania. In 2019, hundreds of people did 25,000 pullups and raised another $25,000. What’s next?

November 18 – 21, 2020, thousands of people will be doing pullups and donating as we do 50,000 pullups and raise $50,000!

Why pull-ups? It’s hard to a pull-up!! It’s also hard to pull water up out of the ground without capacity and resources. Let’s enable TWO MORE villages of kids to spend more time in school rather than searching for water. Let’s give families access to clean water.

Let’s keep the water flowing!!! Pull-ups for Tanzania!! Let’s gooooo!!

Fund Leader: Justin Futrell
Fund Type: Non-profit Organizations, Mission Groups & Missionaries

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Quick Update 50,000 Pull-ups for Clean Water

Hi there!

Where are we on our three goals?

  1. 50,000 Pull-ups crushed it…55,000+ AMAZING!! (pull-ups came from Iowa, California, Ohio, Oregon, Florida, Michigan, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Illinois, Virginia, Nevada, and even the Middle East and Russia!!

  2. Raise $50,000 we are climbing… currently at $40k! Praise Him!

  3. Bring clean water to two villages in Tanzania on our way 😊

Thank you for your support. Please share this project with two of your friends/family who might want to join us in the fight for clean water!!


Together we are making a difference.

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