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Angie's Colon Cancer Fundraiser


Start: May 20, 2021 - End: Jul 23, 2021

April 21st, 2021 Angie went in for a routine colonoscopy, soon after the procedure started they found a mass and biopsies where sent. Talk about a scary thing to be told. So, an appointment was set up to see a Colorectal Surgeon. Tuesday April 27th, Angie and Jason met with the Surgeon and a game plan was hashed out and Surgery was planned for May 5th.  Angie is such a strong soul, but with this, she was nervous, scared, super worried about her husband and kids, and the what ifs…  Wednesday May 5th, Angie made the fearful walk into Methodist Hospital Des Moines. She was scheduled at 2:00pm for surgery. It took about 2.5-3 hours to complete the procedure. She had 12 inches of her colon removed which encapsulated the mass. With this they also had to remove lymph nodes to see if the cancer had spread. The physicians where pretty confident that they had removed it all. Pathology came back on Saturday May 8th, with the news that Angie had Stage 3 colon cancer, the mass hadn’t eroded through the colon wall but 3 of the 18 lymph nodes they collected showed cancer cells. In about 4 weeks, Angie will meet with an oncologist and will receive 3-6 months of chemotherapy.

With being an amazing wife, mom of 4 crazy kids, and a small business owner who is always on the go, funds are going to be tight. We created this fundraiser to help show your support, love, strength, and help Angie fight. Thank you for all of your support!

With lots of love and prayers

The Clark’s and Friedrichsen’s

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