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The Jack of our Hearts

$2,819.30 Raised!

Start: Jan 1, 2020 - End: Dec 31, 2020

Meet Jack:

Jack has Lissencephaly, Miller-Dieker’s Syndrome. He was born with a very rare brain malformation. His brain did not form properly during pregnancy, it was smooth where it should have been bumpy. Since the problems started in September of 2012, Jack’s been in and out of the hospital for seizures, RSV, Pneumonia, N-J Tube, G-Tube Surgery, and ACTH steroid treatment. In the last four months Jack has had a total of 10 neuro surgeries to drain extra spinal fluid that his brain is unable to absorb.

Through it all he has been a smiling hero inspiring his family and all who have met him. He is stronger than anyone could have hoped and has done what no one thought he could do.

Jack’s family needs your help. Please consider this fundraiser to help support this family.

Making a Difference In: Bellwood, PA
Fund Leader: Kim Siggins
Fund Type: Medical Causes

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