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The REAL Cost


Start: Nov 22, 2018 - End: Jan 21, 2019

The REAL Cost

James* is a talented, creative Believer. Passionate about Jesus who set him free 30+ years ago from the majority religion of his country, the Lord uses his super personality to disarm critics and encourage many to hear more about Jesus. Whilst working in that country for 20+ years we came to know James and his family very well, sharing many highs and lows together.

2 years ago on his 60th birthday our Father made it clear James was to return to his home town, a journey of up to 8 hours on local buses and boats, to share the Truth. No Gospel message had ever been shared there, however a few knew of his dramatic decision all those years before.

James is happily married with an equally strong Believer, Jane* and they have 2 sons. The younger is college age and working hard for scholarships and other awards. The adult son Mike*, however has serious mental health challenges. His violent outbursts are a danger to himself, his family and frequently result in broken belongings. This is where I’m hoping you may be able to help.

Over many years much prayer has been made for deliverance and healing. They’ve had to move multiple times as landlords could not tolerate the damage to their property, even though they’ve always appreciated James and Jane and spoken highly of them.

This brave couple answered their Father’s call by James arranging regular week long visits to his town, whilst Jane managed things at home. As a result, most miraculously, one after another there are now 6 Believing families in the town and by the Holy Spirit’s work they are growing strong – even in the face of very determined local opposition.

In the last few years Mike’s condition has worsened, he has been hospitalised twice for extended periods. The new Believers know the challenges James faces at home and the cost it is to his family personally that he continues to nurture their growth. They offer to help with medical costs whenever they can. The Lord blesses their generous hearts yet the costs grow exponentially.

At our rural church here in the US, we have a fundraiser through December. Yet it seems right to share the opportunity to support this faithful family with you for both prayer and funds.

If this were your family, what would you do? Please do share any ideas. We are so thankful James continues to encourage these newborn and baptized Believers with regular visits, especially as the local pressure mounts against them. Although wholly trusting their Lord, we know too the deep concern he and his wife have for their adult son’s health and welfare.

Is the Holy Spirit asking you to be a part of equipping these precious saints? By prayer and/or giving?

I make regular trips to that country and leave again in January. What an amazing expression of solidarity and support to present James and his family with this gift. All at once it allows Mike significant medical attention, brings peace of mind for the family and releases James to bring Jesus before many more in his home town.

Thank you SO very much for your prayers and considering this request.

*Names are changed to protect the family.

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