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Under His Wings - Poultry Project for Haitian Orphanage

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Start: Jan 28, 2019 - End: Aug 31, 2019

Under His Wings - Poultry Project for Haitian Orphanage

Under His Wings is an effort to provide a poultry project to 740 Haitian orphans and students in Titanyen, Haiti.

Titanyen also known as the “valley of death”  is home to approximately 13,000 residents, roughly half of those children. Many people who lost their homes in the earthquake moved out to Titanyen. It is considered one of the poorest rural villages in Haiti. When asked the definition of Titanyen, the villager will say it means ‘less than nothing’. Titanyen is the where we find Saint Dominque’s Orphanage and School. Here 90 orphans and 650 students take part in programs.  There is a need for nutrition and income within Saint Dominique’s as well as in the community.  Some of the school youth are unemployed and are at risk of obtaining income in unsafe ways that may contribute to crime, drug use, and sexually transmitted disease in the community. Some of the children are orphans and have a great need to feel connected and united in hopes of overcoming their loss.  There is great financial burden in feeding this amount of children in order to prevent nutritional deficiencies. This is where Under His Wings (UHW) comes in.  Under His Wings is a poultry project that was developed in hopes of providing a place of refuge for orphans and students by providing a positive learning atmosphere to teach poultry science skills that will help make this project a self-sustaining success. By raising the eggs, meat, and utilizing the manure for fertilizer there will be income generation that will provide an alternate way of life.  Under His Wings will create a great impact in the lives of the children and youth at Saint Dominique’s Orphanage, School, and potentially the community of Titanyen. It is unique in that the project joins together animal husbandry, an orphanage/school, a medical clinic, and an international missionary effort to make one team that will spur this project on to success. The project will create jobs for the youth and children and facilitate an environment to teach responsibility and poultry science skills thus improving social status of this population. They will be engaged and find purpose in a positive teaching atmosphere that helps provide for their future while gaining self-confidence and a higher quality of life. Art Therapy and Pet Therapy are two pieces that will be utilized to engage students in a positive atmosphere of healing.  The vital nutrition source of protein and the potential for an additional income source will be provided through the hens and eggs. The manure can be sold or used as fertilizer for crops onsite thus providing another option for self-sustainability.  Under His Wings will decrease dependence on other forms of income such as crime, drugs, and sexual acts. This, will in turn, attempt to decrease the incidence of crime, sexually transmitted disease, and drug addictions in the surrounding area. Please consider supporting this mission.

Fund Leader: Kristin Woodard
Fund Type: Mission Groups & Missionaries

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