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Colombia Mission


Start: Apr 24, 2019 - End: Jul 14, 2019

In December 2017 our church challenged everyone to adopt an entire country. Meaning that through Compassion International all of us would sponsor at least 1 child. We would plant at least 8 churches and then have mission trips in 2018. Well we are overachievers.  The entire country of Colombia was sponsored. We took all the available kids.  Planted more than 8 churches and filled up every available trip in 2018. Now we feel called to visit our sponsored children!

My husband and I attended separate services the weekend that sponsoring the kids had been announced. Without knowledge of each other we each grabbed a kid and have been sponsoring them since!

We have been exchanging letters and pictures with our kids for over a year now and we are so excited to meet them! We have been hit lately with some medical bills for me that were unexpected so our portions of this fundraising have been placed on hold. We are pulling out all the stops to get to see these kids! Please help us meet our “kids”!!!

Fund Leader: Rebecca Vacha
Fund Type: Non-profit Organizations, Mission Groups & Missionaries

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