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Washington High School Swim Team

$66.00 Raised!

Start: Nov 23, 2019 - End: Mar 31, 2020

We are the women’s swim and dive team of Washington High School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The most important thing to the Warrior swimmers and divers is creating a fun and competitive environment that fosters encouragement, hard work, dedication, comradery, leadership, and perseverance. The Washington Women’s swim and dive team has always been commended for its skillful excellence, but also for its spirit.. Our team pushes for support, enthusiasm, and strength (both mentally and physically); and we work every day to better ourselves both individually and as a group.

The Warrior women’s swim and dive team is home to not only students of Washington, but Xavier, Mt. Vernon, and Marion High School students as well. The team provides us with an opportunity to get to know people of different ages, interests, backgrounds, and schools. Diversity is, and has always been, a defining quality of the Washington women’s swim and dive team. 

We do a lot of fundraising for our program in order to cover the costs of team suits, caps, sweats, apparel, and travel. We also participate in numerous team-building activities. While all of the basic requirements are important, the ability to do things together as a team and bond with each other is essential to the prosperity of the Warrior swimmers and divers. Seeing as we have so many people on our team, and so many costs to cover, we need your help! Please consider donating to the Warrior cause and spreading the word, we appreciate it!

Fund Leader: Sydney jones
Fund Type: Schools, Fine Arts, & Athletics

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