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World Wide Village

$496.31 Raised!

Start: Jun 21, 2019 - End: Jun 21, 2021

World Wide Village

The last year in Haiti has been very difficult. Political protesting, soaring inflation and now COVID-19 have left many families in Haiti struggling just to get by. We all want to help, but how?

Even though we can’t travel to Haiti to serve right now… even though we can’t embrace the children or walk arm in arm with our brothers and sisters in Christ…even though we can’t be there…we can still LUV ANYWAY! 

40% of all purchases through One Mission will go directly to World Wide Village programs in Haiti!  Your purchase today will provide funding for maternal healthcare, agricultural initiatives and Bible school programs that feed children both physically and spiritually.

Purchase your LUV ANYWAY merchandise today and make an amazing impact in Haiti!


The Mission of WWV:  World Wide Village exists “to equip and support families and local churches of Haiti by creating sustainable communities through education, healthcare, housing, and agriculture while sharing the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ.”

The Challenge: Haiti is a country that was founded on slavery and has struggled through decades of corrupt government.  These challenges have left Haiti the most vulnerable country in the Western Hemisphere.  Many Haitians live in extreme poverty.

The Goal: With your generosity and the help of One Mission Fundraising, our goals in Haiti include:

  • More children attending school
  • More Haitians being discipled by the Word of God
  • Basic healthcare available in the rural communities
  • More families living in safe housing
  • Increased agriculture
  • The love of Christ shared in tangible ways

Every dollar counts to help us meet this goal!  Together we can make an impact and help end the cycle of poverty for our Haitian brothers and sisters.

Making a Difference In: Haiti
Fund Leader: Kim Anderson
Fund Type: Non-profit Organizations

Purchase with Purpose

40% of every product purchased is donated

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