When we began the adoption process in July of 2017, I heard more than once about the amount of paperwork there was involved.  We not strangers to paperwork.  We’ve purchased three houses, and I run a business with very thorough paperwork practices (concise, but comprehensive).  I figured, “we’ll get through it, it’s not that big of a deal”.  Brad and I are pretty transparent, so I didn’t think exposing every detail of our lives would be that big of a deal either.  There is something quite exhausting, however, about telling it, writing it, repeating it, notarizing it, re-notarizing it, apostilling it, and all of the wait time in-between while others verify your story.

Saturday the last apostilled document was returned, and I was able to put our dossier into the mail at 11:55am Saturday morning!.  What a heavy package it will be to deliver (not by weight, but by the immense amount of time and energy that was poured into it by several people.). How thankful we feel towards all of the people that answered questions and filled out paperwork (and notarized them) on our behalf.

Over, and over again, I have reminded myself that if there was a delay in paperwork (and I was being diligent), it was because our daughter was not ready yet.  God has perfect timing, and everything will be finished exactly when it is supposed to be finished.  That being said, I am so glad that I am done with the pre-adoption paperwork!



I spoke with a representative at our adoption agency Friday morning, feeling yet another confirmation was necessary, that when the dossier is received by our agency, we just wait for our match.  The next steps are translation, which is in progress, and submission to the foreign agency (which is done by our agency).  It is so incredible to be at this point in time where our responsibility is to wait.

Waiting is so much easier than I once thought because of the experiences we have had over this year.  We have learned a valuable lesson (that I hope we never forget).  I am not in charge, Brad is not in charge, God is in charge, and He has far larger plans for us that we could ever dream!  There was never a time during the process of finding jobs and housing that I felt abandoned.  In fact, there was a tremendous burden lifted and an unnatural peace gifted to me.  As I look back over the last 20 years and reflect, God has continuously given us a community to help us stay the course and grow stronger in our faith and our relationship with each other, and He has continuously provided for us everything we need.  So, we will trust that in His perfect time, we will receive a match with our daughter and the real rush will begin.



Our prayer for our African daughter is that she is safe and cared for while she waits, and that she will feel connected to us and loved by us when she comes to live with us.  How often I think of the challenges she has already faced and those that she will face, the loss that she has felt and will feel.  I pray the love that flows through us to her, by the Holy Spirit, will help heal her wounds and bring her strength.

Ephesians 1:4-5 reads, “He chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him. In love he predestined us for adoption as sons (and daughters) though Jesus Christ according to the pleasure of his will.”

While I ache for her loss, I know just as God has plans for me, he has plans for her.  The experiences I have gone through have allowed me to reach out and identify with people I may have not been able to reach without those experiences.  I have no doubt that her story will greatly impact others and I have hope that the love of our Savior will sanctify her so that she can fulfill the plans Christ has for her.


Next steps while we wait

We will begin looking at fundraising opportunities to get us through to the end.  In the next week or so we will pay $6,800 for the Dossier submission and foreign country program expenses.  When we accept a match, we will make a payment of a $5,023 which includes orphanage/ foster home support and more foreign country expenses.  14 days before we travel, we will make a payment of $5,413 to cover more foreign country expenses and post-adoption agency services.  Travel expenses will be about $15,000 for all five us to travel to our destination and all 6 of us to return home.  We are in the process of reopening our One Mission fundraising page, which has many great gift options from candles and cards to Haitian made items.  If you click on the link and it doesn’t open our page, please check it again in a couple of days.


Thank you for your support. We are continually impressed with God’s outpouring of love through friends and family in walking through this process with us.  We know we couldn’t travel this journey without you!


Brad, Rebecca, Aleigha, Nora, and Katelyn