Just wanted to send a quick update on our sweet teammate Chloe!

Chloe will be home for 2 more weeks before her next treatment starts. She has done one round of treatment to try to shrink the disease & tumors. She has had some positive response so far!!!! She had over 75% coverage in her bone marrow on her first scan, so that alone has gone down drastically!!! No new tumors, the spots in her neck and femurs are gone!!! LET’S CELEBRATE THAT WIN!!!!

There is, however, still some tumor on her brain. She will be proceeding with MIBG therapy. MIBG therapy is really strong radiation therapy. She will get 1 dose over 2 hours, but she must stay in isolation until she is no longer radioactive. Her mom can sleep in the room next to her and they can see each other and talk through a small window. Chloe cannot have visitors or bring anything from home to her treatment cycles, she will be sedated while she recovers, but alone for the duration of her treatment. Once she is back to normal (about a week), she returns home to recover and get more scans. We are asking for prayers and positive thoughts the treatment keeps working, that Chloe’s little body can handle the intensity of the treatment, and that her little heart can handle the isolation!!!

Chloe is the 1st for this trial and the youngest they have tried it on at Children’s. It truly is amazing to be a part of a medical system at WashU Barnes Jewish that provides these unique opportunities. I can attest from personal experience, we are blessed with the best in the country for medicine and cancer treatments. Chloe is in good hands medically. And great hands for her support circle!

You guys have been beyond generous! We have seen donations from so many different people all across our networks and the country! Keep spreading the word!!!! Our Chloe Strong Fund is currently at $2800!!!! That is 57% of our goal already met!!! $2200 to go! We can do this! We can make this impact on her and her family!!!

Keep spreading the word!! We have one month left on our fund drive! Re-post our social media posts! Post any pictures of shirts/gear/cups/other products you have purchased that help support #ChloeStrong on Facebook, Instagram, twitter, share and spread the love.

We appreciate all you have done and continue to do to support this family through this challenge. We rise by lifting others. Let’s keep doing the heavy lifting for Chloe! #HerFightIsMyFight #ChloeStrong

Click the link to support: https://onemission.fund/support/chloe-strong/?shopfor=213484 (40% of all purchases go directly to Chloe’s family, scroll to the bottom for a DONATE DIRECTLY link for 100% of donations going to Chloe’s family).


Coach Randi Henderson & the WashU Bears